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ESD Department Operations Center

The Department Operations Center (DOC) is the Department Command Post during times of emergency. It is headed by the Director of Emergency Operations. The DOC is activated during a Major Unusual Occurrence, Serious Incident, or when a Serious Incident appears imminent.

When activated, the DOC coordinates the Department’s emergency response activities. It also provides logistical support for incidents, gathers intelligence, maintains a chronological report of incidents, and maintains an overall citywide status summary of the Police Department. Other City departments can be accessed through the DOC to provide resources for an incident if necessary.

The DOC is organized under the Incident Command System as follows:

▪ Command (Director of Emergency Operations)
▪ Operations Section
▪ Planning & Intelligence Section
▪ Logistic Section
▪ Administrative and Finance Section

The Department Operations Center Unit of Emergency Operations Section maintains the DOC and provides training to the cadre of personnel that staff the DOC during activations. The unit also provides training and advice in the following areas:

▪ Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)/Incident Command System (ICS)
▪ Bureau Command Post Training
▪ DOC orientation
▪ Event and Emergency/Disaster Planning
▪ Development of Standing Plans
▪ Other emergency or disaster related topics

The DOC is located in City Hall East at 200 N. Main Street on the P4 level.