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Mrs. Blanche Brown, Outstanding Community Member

Mrs. Blanche Brown

Outstanding Community Member

Southeast Area Volunteer

98TH Street Block Club Captain

Basic Car 118A17 Monthly Meeting Organizer

Board Member-Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Member Southeast Volunteer Group

Co-Chair Community Police Advisory Board Sub-Committee

Member 108th Street Community Association

Member True Gospel Missionary Church

A resident of Southeast Area since 1965, Mrs. Blanche Brown is a true example of dedication to her neighborhood. Mrs. Brown raised her family in Southeast, watched her children grow and has continued to remain loyal to this community. Her sincere interest in her Community is evident by her dedication to the continuous improvement of her neighborhood.

Mrs. Brown chooses to be a member of various organizations in order to assist her Community but also to improve community relations with officers. When times have been rough, Mrs. Brown has remained committed to keeping a strong working relationship with Southeast Officers.

Mrs. Brown can almost certainly be found at various block club meetings, Officer appreciation events, Church functions and several volunteer events at Southeast Station. On a monthly basis, Mrs. Brown can always be counted on to assist in station barbecues and during yearly inspections. Her sincere interest in the morale of the officers is evident by her volunteering and excellent "Sweet Treats" that she so often brings in for the employees at Southeast.

Mrs. Brown has actively educated herself on improving the quality of life for area residents. She continuously notifies City of Los Angeles agencies to clean debris, improve lighting, add stop signs, trim trees, clean up walk-ways and various other neighborhood clean up events.

Mrs. Brown is a true leader in her community and has gained the respect of Southeast Officers and area residents. Her dedication in improving the quality of life within her neighborhood has improved living conditions for Los Angeles residents. Mrs. Blanche Brown is unanimously voted the "Outstanding Community Member" for the Southeast Community.


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Mrs. Blanche Brown, Outstanding Community Member
Mrs. Blanche Brown
Outstanding Community Member