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Defense Tactics Section

Arcon/Physical Training

Arrest and Control/Physical Training Unit at ATRC - Involved in both In-service and Recruit training, and training of ARCON/PT Department-wide.

▪ Any Use of Force Policy regarding self-defense techniques or the Use of Force Policy.
▪ We cover any impact devices such as the side handle baton or collapsible baton.
▪ We do product evaluations on items used in the field for Self-Defense techniques or restraint devices.
▪ We conduct all in-service training pertaining to Arrest and Control including instructor courses.
▪ We train all employees in weight training certification
▪ We conduct directed training ordered by a Board of Rights or a Use of Force Board. In addition, any directed training ordered by a Commanding Officer.
▪ We conduct all roll call training that pertains to self-defense and Arrest and Control.

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC)

The Emergency Vehicle Training Unit (EVOC) at Davis Facility is involved in both in-service and recruit training of all vehicle operations Department-wide.

The EVOC Unit provides training in the proper operation of emergency vehicles for recruits and in-service personnel. The EVOC unit also provides training for Department personnel who require a commercial license. The EVOC instructors are DMV Examiners and certified to train and license all Department personnel (sworn & civilian) for both Class A and Class B licenses. In addition, the EVOC unit provides the following:
▪ Executive Protection/Evasive Driving
▪ Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) training
▪ Vehicle Testing (product evaluation) for Motor Transport Division
▪ Vehicle Dynamics and handling capabilities of Military Vehicles for U.S. Military

Tactics Unit

The Law Enforcement Tactical Application Couse (LETAC) is a tactical couse designed to reinforce and enhance an officer’s basic tactical knowledge and skills. The course includes in-depth discussion of Use of Force Options, Tactics, Tactical Communications, Firearms Safety and an analysis of OIS and UOF (Lethal and Less Lethal).
• Tactics Unit-EP - Primarily involved in In-service Training and all tactics and in-service remediation training for OCB and OSB.
• Tactics Unit-Davis - Primarily involved in Recruit Training and some In-service training and in-service remediation training for OWB and OVB.


Training Division Location and Contact Info
Ahmanson Recruit Training Center
5651 W. Manchester Boulevard, Westchester

Elysian Park
1880 N. Academy Drive, Elysian Park

Edward M. Davis Training Facility
12001 Blucher Avenue, Granada Hills
818-832-3700 more>