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Police Academy Magnet School Program

The Los Angeles Police Academy Magnet School Program offers a rigorous, police officer-led high school curriculum developed for young men and women expressing an interest in a career in law enforcement. The program provides a better understanding of law enforcement for students no matter what career path they eventually follow, and also provides a high quality recruiting resource for the Los Angeles Police Department. For further information, browse through the sections below, or contact:

Roberta Weintraub
Executive Director
Los Angeles Police Academy Magnet School
(213) 486-6090

Overview of the Magnet School Program

The Police Academy Magnet School Program curriculum goes beyond the basic high school course requirements, providing students with specialized coursework, training, mentoring, work and volunteer opportunities. The program includes instruction in:
The Police Academy Magnet School Program has been implemented at Monroe, Dorsey, Wilson, San Pedro and Reseda High Schools. Each school has a full-time Police Officer II as the program coordinator. Currently, 500 students are participating in the program Citywide.


The curriculum specific to the Police Academy Magnet will enrich the basic course requirements and present the students with thematic course work introducing students to the world of law enforcement through education, training, work, volunteering and mentoring.
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  • Course of Study - Grade 12


The foundation of the Police Academy Magnet curriculum is the course requirements of the LAUSD, and the completion of the "A to F" requirements of the University of California. Because of the variety of financial, emotional and family problems faced by many students, special emphasis will be placed on working one-on-one with individual students, assessing their educational needs, building their self-esteem and helping them reach their full potential.

Of special interest is the physical training aspect of the program. Many applicants to the LAPD Academy are not prepared for the physical requirements. In many cases, women in particular have not developed the upper-body strength they need to compete in the Academy. The LAPD has set up special pre-entrance classes to help prepare their applicants for the rigors of the Academy. The cost of this preparation is high. Some worthy applicants back off because of their lack of previous physical con