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Criminal Investigation Division

304 South Broadway, Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Office: 213-473-3870
Fax: 213-847-6966

The Commanding Officer of Criminal Investigation Division is Captain II Brian Thomas and is responsible for investigating complaints of misconduct that have potential criminal elements associated with them. Investigators assigned to CID collect and preserve evidence, interview complainants and witnesses, and ensure other investigative approaches are conducted or considered such as photographs, drawings, and records research. A report is assembled, and the case is discussed with the District Attorney’s Office. The final criminal case is submitted to the CID Commanding Officer, then forwarded to the Administrative Investigation Division for follow up and completion.

Criminal Investigation Division is comprised of three investigative sections, each led by a Officer in Charge (Lieutenant II) and an Assistant Officer in Charge (Detective III), with several investigators (Sergeants II and Detectives II):

Criminal Investigation Section-South
304 South Broadway, Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Office: 213-485-9851
Fax: 213-847-6966

Criminal Investigation Section-Central
304 South Broadway, Suite 490
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Office: 213-473-3866
Fax: 213-473-4241

Criminal Investigation Section-Valley/West
2817 W. Empire Ave.
Burbank, CA 91504
Office: 866-562-2024
Fax: 818-566-4050