This Notice is to remind all sworn personnel that the emergency response driving technique commonly referred to as “Leapfrogging” is prohibited. “Leapfrogging” is a practice which involves a police vehicle maintaining control of traffic at an intersection while other police vehicles advance to the next intersection, by passing each other utilizing emergency equipment. The practice of “Leapfrogging” shall not be utilized when conducting emergency vehicle operations.

The Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) training staff found this tactic to be a perishable skill that involves ongoing training in real world and street environments. The lack of formal and ongoing training combined with the public’s expectation of safe emergency vehicle operations from law enforcement results in this practice being found to be unsafe.

This technique is not a Department approved technique and is not taught by the EVOC training staff. This practice is not to be confused with Mobile Field Force (MFF) convoy/blocking driving utilized during a MFF situation. Sworn employees have received proper training in MFF configurations and convoy/driving techniques. Motor Escorts and Motor Strike Team driving tactics are not affected by this Notice.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Sergeant John Carr, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, In-Service Training Division, at (818) 832-3721.


MARTIN A. BAEZA, Deputy Chief
Commanding Officer
Personnel and Training Bureau

DOMINIC H. CHOI, Deputy Chief
Chief of Staff
Office of the Chief of Police