If You Have Been a Victim of a Crime

The top priority of the Los Angeles Police Department is to prevent crime from occurring. Unfortunately, in a complex urban society such as Los Angeles, it is not possible to stop all criminal activity. For those individuals touched by crime each year, we are making the following information available to you to help understand your rights as a victim of crime in the State of California.

We understand that crime victims can become lost in a justice system that is geared to prosecuting criminals. But during the last three decades, there has been increasing sensitivity to the needs and rights of crime victims on the part of the criminal justice system.

The Crime Victims’ Handbook was written by the Office of the Attorney General especially for California’s crime victims and witnesses. If you are a victim or witness, this handbook describes the process that you may go through as part of the criminal justice system. It also advises you of your rights and of the state and local services that may be available to assist you. In addition, you will find definitions of legal and law enforcement terms in the Glossary that may be useful to you.

If you are a crime victim, witness, or victim survivor… help is available through many of the resources listed in this publication. We hope this information will be of benefit to you and wish you the best.

The California Crime Victim’s Handbook (PDF)

Los Angeles Police Department Crime/Victim Assistance Coordinators