Information on How to File a Complaint

The Los Angeles Police Department continues to investigate allegations of misconduct, violations of Department policy, and excessive force during the recent civil unrest. In an effort to keep the public updated with the progress of those investigations; We received 100 calls and 180 emails, there are a total of 57 complaint investigations, with 27 involving alleged uses of force, and seven employees have been assigned to non-field duties. We will investigate every complaint thoroughly and hold every officer accountable for their actions.

Any person who believes they were wrongfully accused of a crime, unjustly injured, or experienced misconduct on the part of an officer can make a complaint with the Department’s Internal Affairs Group hotline at 1-800-339-6868. For complaints specifically related to the protests you can email Individuals can also make a complaint through the Office of the Inspector General at 213 893 6400 or if email is preferred.

How to File a Complaint

If you would like to file a complaint about an employee of the Los Angeles Police Department, please follow the instructions below.

All complaints of misconduct are accepted, including those made anonymously. You may use one of the complaint forms that can be found in multiple languages at the bottom of this page, though the form is not required. Complaints may be filed with either the OIG or LAPD.

To file a complaint with the OIG, you may:

• Visit our office in person. We are in the World Trade Center, in Downtown Los Angeles.
350 S. Figueroa Street Suite 1002;
Los Angeles, CA 90071

• Call the OIG.
Phone: (213) 893-6400
TTY: (213) 482-7002

• Send us a Fax.
Fax numbers:
(213) 687-7473;
(213) 687-7487; or
(213) 687-7493

• Email us at
• Send us a message via our mobile application, which is available via both Apple Store and Google Play.
• Mail us a letter at the office address designated above.
• Request to speak with OIG staff at a public meeting of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners.
• Send us a message via our Facebook page.
• Send us a message via our Twitter profile.
• Comment on our Google Business profile.

To file a complaint with LAPD, you may:
• Call the LAPD’s complaint hotline: 1-800-339-6868TDD 213-978-3500 or send email to
• Ask to speak to a supervisor at any LAPD station.
• Visit the Internal Affairs website or click on the Complaint Form links below.
• Visit any LAPD Community Police Station and speak directly with an LAPD supervisor, regardless of where the incident occurred.

Additional Complaint Process Information:
You may also contact your local council district office to file a complaint. Complaints of misconduct are investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Internal Affairs Group. The Office of the Inspector General can oversee and review all complaint investigations.

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