Kids' Questions

What should I do if somebody touches me where they are not supposed to?
What should I do if someone is violent and hurts me a lot?

You should:

Tell the person to stop.

Tell your parent, teacher or some adult you trust.

Don’t be afraid to tell – you didn’t do anything wrong.

If you have any questions, or you need help, call your local police department or social services department. In the Los Angeles Area, the phone number is 800-540-4000.


Will I have to go to court?

Maybe, unless the guilty person admits what they did. But we do everything we can to make going to court easier for you.


If I go to court, do I have to see the person who hurt me?

When you go to court, the suspect will be there with his lawyer. A special officer will be with you as well as the prosecutor who is your lawyer. You have nothing to be afraid of because we’ll be there to protect you.


Will my friends at school find out about it?

Names of abuse victims are always kept secret and there is no reason for anyone at school to be told about the abuse.


Why do I have to go to the doctor?

The doctor can support your case by providing what is called “corroborating evidence.”
This is very important. Together with other trained specialists, the doctor can answer many questions about the effects of what happened to you.


What happens when you get arrested for drugs?

There are several things that could occur when you get arrested for drugs:

If this is your first drug arrest, you may or may not have to go to court. You may or may not have to go for professional counseling.

There definitely will be a permanent police record of this arrest.

If you had a previous arrest record, or have been arrested for dealing drugs, the District Attorney’s Office will be asked to review the case to determine if it should be presented in court.

If the District Attorney files the case with the court, you will be notified of the appearance date by mail within several weeks.

If the case is presented in court, the judge will listen to the facts and determine if you are guilty.

If you are found guilty, the judge may sentence you to Juvenile Hall or place you on probation.

If you’re already on probation, the case will be referred to the Probation Department for their recommendations. The probation officer will determine if you violated probation and should be detained in Juvenile Hall. The case will also be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office.


Why is marijuana illegal?

Marijuana is illegal because it is harmful to you both physically and psychologically. Because there is so much misinformation out in the streets regarding marijuana, it is difficult to determine the truth. The truth is that marijuana will make it more difficult for you to realize success in life, should you start using it.


Does an arrest stay on your record?

Yes. If you get arrested, that arrest will be on your record until you turn 18. At that point, you get a new adult record, but the arrest remains on your juvenile record.


How long do drugs stay in your system?

It depends what kind of drug it is. Marijuana, for example, is carried in the fat tissue of the body, so it could stay in the body for as long as 30 or more days.


If a police officer lies about being a “cop” and I buy drugs for him/her, doesn’t the case get thrown out of court?

No, it does not.