Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

Louis Villalobos

  • Rank: Police Officer III + I
  • Serial Number: 16237
  • Division: Metropolitan Division, Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)
  • Location: Camp Pendleton
  • Date Killed: Friday, March 18, 2000
  • Cause of Death: Training Accident


Officer Villalobos was awarded the Medal of Valor in 1999.

Officer Villalobos died a day after falling off a catwalk while performing an advanced SWAT training exercise at the United States Marine Corps base in Camp Pendleton, California. During the training exercise, Officer Villalobos slipped off of the 10-feet high catwalk. He sustained serious head injuries and died the next day.

Officer Villalobos had been with the Los Angeles Police Department for 29 years, and had been a member of the SWAT team for 17 years. He is survived by his parents and four children.