Most Wanted

Apolinar Luna

WARNING: This individual is considered armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend suspect yourself. If seen, contact your local police station ASAP.

  • Wanted For: Murder
  • Moniker: NULL
  • Sex: M
  • Descent: Hispanic
  • Height: 5' 3"
  • Weight: 140 pounds
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Date of Birth: 06/02/1949
  • Age: 49*
  • Weapon: Bodily force
  • DR#: 94-0215715
*Age Calculated From Date of Crime


On March 29, 1994, the suspect confronted the victim, his girlfriend, and began arguing. The suspect punched victim in the face, knocking her to the sidewalk. The victim sustained injuries which were treated by Los Angeles fire department paramedics. Later the same day, the suspect again attacked the victim, punching her and hitting her head against a concrete wall. The victim collapsed and was taken to the hospital, where she died.