Most Wanted

Dong Jim Kim

WARNING: This individual is considered armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend suspect yourself. If seen, contact your local police station ASAP.

  • Wanted For: Burglary
  • Sex: M
  • Descent: Korean
  • Height: 5'09"
  • Weight: 140/150
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Date of Birth: 12/25/1970
  • Age: 19*
  • Weapon: Screwdriver
  • DR#: 98-1762652
*Age Calculated From Date of Crime


Suspect opened rear door with screwdriver, entered and ransacked residence, Suspect removed jewelry and pawned it. When suspect learned about the police investigation, he returned his vehicle to his father and has not been seen since. Suspect’s known hangouts are in Rampart Area, 6th-Vermont, 7th-Western. Suspect has a prior arrest at 8th-Alvarado.