Due to recent incidents with laser pointers used against law enforcement to cause injury, the
Los Angeles Police Department has approved and purchased the following laser protective
eyewear for personnel to deploy in an environment where laser threats may be present:

• NoIR Number 35 and Number 71 frames (black in color) with ARG lenses.

The laser protective eyewear will be a one-time issuance, and therefore it is important to
maintain this piece of safety equipment. As the Department receives the laser protective
eyewear, distribution will be based on Mobile Field Force deployment and operational needs,
until all personnel receive the eyewear. NoIR and Revision have both manufactured a product
suited for law enforcement applications to protect against broad laser type threats and still allow visible light transmission (VLT), for personnel to see during night operations. The Department has also approved the following lens and frame for private purchase:

• Revision StingerHawk-Rg-Blk EC-Mil AF (black in color) Rg-Lens-FT-2 AF RTI.

Note: The use of the Laser Protective Eyewear should be deployed in accordance to
Personnel and Training Bureau Notice, Use of Force Related to the Use of a Laser, dated
September 4, 2020.

Approved by:
MARTIN A. BAEZA, Deputy Chief (Chairperson – Uniform & Equipment Committee)
DOMINIC CHOI, Deputy Chief (Chief of Staff – Office of the Chief of Police)