The Department of Operations Center (DOC)

The Department Operations Center (DOC) provides 24-hour support to Department personnel, acting as a single point of contact to various Department subject matter experts and specialized resources that may be needed for field operations. The DOC facilitates timely and accurate notifications to Command Staff and City leaders for all major incidents and special events affecting the Department and its operations.

Additional duties include the intake and dispatch of all Electronic Suspected Child Abuse Reports (ESCARS) during off hours, weekends and holidays; dissemination of all anonymous crime tips for the Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers; review and approval of all non-traffic related reports submitted through the Community Online Reporting System (CORS); and off hours fugitive warrant advisement. The DOC is also tasked with monitoring various critical sites, special events, radio call load and staffing levels.

During prolonged Unusual Occurrences, at the direction of the Chief of Police, the DOC assumes the role of an Area Command to facilitate the movement of personnel and resources to assist field Incident Commanders with their ongoing tactical operations and provide continuity of purpose through the Director of Emergency Operations.

Finally, the DOC coordinates with various City entities and our law enforcement partners to maintain dialogue and cooperation during large scale incidents to assist field personnel in maintaining the safety and security of the citizens of Los Angeles.