Arrest, Discipline, Use of Force, Field Data Capture, and Audit Statistics Reports

This semiannual public report has been prepared pursuant to Consent Decree Paragraph 156. That paragraphs states:

The LAPD shall prepare and publish on its website semiannual public reports by this paragraph. Such reports shall include aggregate statistics broken down by each LAPD geographic area and for the Operations Headquarters Bureau, and broken down by race/ethnicity/national origin of citizens involved, for arrests, information required to be maintained pursuant to paragraphs 104 and 105, and uses of force.

Such reports shall include a brief description of each of the following that was completed during that period: (i) report of a specified audit completed, audits completed pursuant to paragraphs 111, 113, 125, 126, 130, 133, and 134, and any significant actions taken as a result of such audits or reports, (ii) a summary of all discipline imposed during the period reported by type of misconduct, broken down by type of discipline, bureau and rank, and (iii) any new policies or changes in policies made by the Department to address the requirements of this Agreement. Such reports shall also include the reports prepared pursuant to paragraph 173 and 175.

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