Constitutional Policing Section (CPS)

The CPS is responsible for the support of the continued operation, development, maintenance and training of risk management applications, reports, and infrastructure. The section’s job duties are as follows:

• Development, implementation, maintenance & support of the Training Evaluation and Maintenance System (TEAMS II) to include, but not limited to, the Risk Management Information System (RMIS), Complaint Management System (CMS), Use of Force System (UOFS), Claims and Lawsuits System (CLIS) and interfaces with existing data systems.
• Establishing the requirements for the various systems.
• Developing business rules for the various systems.
• Liaises with end users, system programmers and vendors to solve problems and upgrade each system.
• Coordinates all system improvements/upgrades release process.
• Developing system use protocols. Processing TEAMS II authorization requests, expirations, and data corrections.
• Providing training and system support to Department authorized TEAMS II users.
• Distribution of critical data for STOPS, Training division, COMPSTAT as well as required data reporting to the California Department of Justice.
• Generating an annual report of all Department authorized users and alternate users for review by commanding officers.
• Providing limited customized reports of TEAMS II data.
• Assist commanding officers with audits of TEAMS II transactions.