Document and Media Management Section (DMMS)

The DMMS is responsible for the systems maintenance and support of the following systems:

• Automated Personnel and Records Information System (APRIS),
• Integrated Crime and Arrest Records System (ICARS),
• Homicide Library System (HLS),
• LYNX Photo Management System (LYNXPM),
• Kitroom Inventory Tracking System (KITS),
• Community Online Reporting Service (CORS),
• Report Distribution Service (RDS),
• and the NICE Complaint Hotline System.

Document and Media Management Section is also responsible for managing LAPD’s DOCUMENTUM platform which is the Department’s Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS). This system houses three of the above-mentioned systems i.e. APRIS, ICARS, and HLS, in addition to some media content for the Training Evaluation and Management System (TEAMS II). An auxiliary system – KOFAX which is utilized to digitalize departmental paper reports and personnel records, is used in conjunction with Documentum and is also maintained and managed by DMMS.

DMMS also manages Wireless Camera Surveillance Systems (WCSS). The WCSS is consists of several groups of surveillance cameras that are placed at strategic geographical locations as an additional tool for area division to assist in solving and deterring crimes.

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