Internship Program

The Los Angeles Police Department has developed unpaid internship programs with many of the local universities and colleges such as:

Students from these universities who are enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program may perform a one- or two-term internship at Community Police Stations, learning about administrative functions and basic detective techniques. In most cases they work in the Detective Division and spend time in the following units:

  • Robbery;
  • CAPS (Crimes Against Persons);
  • MAC (Major Assault Crimes);
  • Juvenile;
  • Autos and;
  • Burglary

This program has been a positive experience for the students as well as the detective personnel who have had the opportunity to work with them. For more information about internship programs, contact the Department’s Volunteer – Internship Coordinator.

You can e-mail your request to LAPD Volunteers  at (213) 486-6000.