Special Events and Permit Application Information

The Special Events Permit Unit (SEPU) within Office of Operations of the Los Angeles Police Department accepts Special Event Permit Applications for events such as parades, marches, demonstrations, processions and assemblies in public places which impact the normal and usual traffic regulations and controls.

The SEPU is responsible for investigating your application. Our intent is to assist you in holding your event; while at the same time ensuring that the resources of the City are expended for the greatest good and that the rights of all people are respected.

In addition to coordinating Special Events throughout the City, the SEPU is also responsible for investigating, approving and coordinating all Film Location Permits the are submitted through FILM LA. The SEPU conducts audits, performs research, and investigates complaints surrounding film company shooting locations throughout the City. The SEPU can be reached at 213-486-0640.

Special Event Permit Application Information

By the nature of a special event, it is likely to be attractive or meaningful to a unique segment of the population. Special events may range from small protests or processions covering only hundreds of feet to major events, which involve large portions of the City of Los Angeles. With a proliferation of special event requests within the City, it is necessary to evaluate the benefit of each special event and the effect it has on those who attend and the residential and business communities of the City.

In assessing your event, we will attempt to determine the effect it will have on the following areas:

  • Location of event
  • Traffic in the area
  • Residential and business access in the area
  • Activity levels and noise in residential and business areas
  • The nature of the location at which you wish the event to take place
  • Police Department personnel resources
  • Department of Transportation (traffic and parking control) resources

The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners has the ultimate authority to approve or deny your permit. Other considerations that may effect the final disposition include:

Whether your Special Event Permit Application was submitted at least 40 days prior to the start of the event as per Section 103.111 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code. (NOTE: The shorter the time we have to investigate your application, the less it is likely that we will be able to issue a permit).

Other events occurring on or about the same time or in the same area throughout the City.

The plan you submit about how the event will be staged, any additional information we may request, and our analysis of your ability to carry out that plan.

Your history and experience, and the history and experience of your organization, in putting on this event or other events.

In order to facilitate a successful event and ensure that you are issued a Special Event Permit for your event, we may suggest changes. These changes might include a different date, location/route, time, or other alterations to the event plan.

We request that you contact the Los Angeles City Council’s Office serving the businesses and/or residents affected by your event. Should you have any questions, please contact the Special Events Permit Unit at 213-486-0640.

Special Event Application:
Special Event Permit Application [PDF]
Pending & Approved Los Angeles Police Commission Special Events Applications [PDF]

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