DSVD - Special Enforcement Section

The Field Evaluators Unit has field evaluators assigned citywide to conduct training, oversight, monitoring of tactical events, education and coordinate task force operations (i.e. ABC, prostitution, illegal massage parlors) with their respective geographic Area vice units. Additionally, the field evaluators monitor the top ten percent vice related problem locations citywide.

Safe and Sober Graduation Operation

To curtail the accessibility of alcoholic beverages and promote “safe and sober” high school graduations throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Operation ABC personnel developed the Safe & Sober Graduation Program. After extensive media coverage, Area vice units conduct minor decoy and decoy shoulder tap operations at retail ABC locations in the vicinity of location high schools and colleges.

During the first week of the 2012 Save and Sober Graduation operation, compliance checks were conducted at 186 licensed ABC locations. Twenty-two clerks (12 percent) were cited after they failed to appropriately identify the age of the minor decoys and sold them alcoholic beverages. Decoy shoulder tap operations conducted outside of 82 licensed ABC locations revealed a 92 percent compliance rate, as only 50 of the 600 adults approached actually furnished alcoholic beverages to one of the Department’s underage decoys. These extremely high compliance rates are directly attributed to the continued emphasis that vice units place on ABC enforcement via the above operations.

The above operations were covered by a number of local news media representatives including KTLA, KTTV (Fox), KMEX (Univision), and KVEA (Telemundo) television; KFI, KROQ, and KOST radio stations; and The Los Angeles Times and The Korea Times newspapers.