Major Incident Response Team

• Respond to, and assist Department personnel in the command and control of serious and major unusual occurrences;
• Develop and provide training to Department personnel on incident management for unusual occurrences;
• Develop and train Command Post Cadre and Incident Management Team members in the Incident Command System and command post operations;
· Maintain a liaison with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Emergency Operations Bureau to coordinate training, and exercises;
· Coordinate and teach Bureau Command Post Cadre training;
· Evaluate the AARs, Unusual Occurrence (UO) and other reports related to UOs for consideration in future planning and training;
· Complete and maintains a repository of After-Action Reports (AARs);
· Provide staff assistance for inter-Bureau command post exercises and field exercises conducted by public and private agencies;
· Evaluate all lesson plans intended for emergency control exercises at Department organized schools;
· Provide training on EAPs and/or IAPs for special events to geographic Bureau and Area special event coordinators;
· Maintain off-hours and weekend standby response to provide assistance at major incidents, such as crime scenes, officer-involved shootings and other significant incidents in the City; and,
· Assigned to major incidents at Department Command Posts in the field in uniform.