Organization and Responsibilities of Emergency Services Division


  • Hazardous Devices and Materials Section

Bomb Squad
Hazardous Materials UnitORGANIZATION

  • Securing the Cities
  • Bomb Detection K-9 Section

Los Angeles International Airport

Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • Emergency Management Section
Emergency Preparedness Unit
Mobil Command Response Unit
Major Incident Response Team
  • Logistics



  • Maintaining liaison with the Emergency Operations Organization regarding the Department Operations Center (DOC).
  • Assisting Department entities in preparations for maintenance of operations during natural disasters and other Unusual Occurrences.
  • Developing, coordinating, and delivering incident management training, drills, and exercises to Department personnel.
  • Providing training targeting personal preparation (employees/families) for natural disasters and other major emergencies.
  • Researching, developing, publishing, and maintaining the Emergency Operations Guide (EOG).
  • Coordinating organization and deployment plans for major unusual occurrences.
  • Providing incident management support vehicles and equipment for field incidents and exercises.
  • Evaluating procedures, tactics, and techniques to be employed during unusual occurrences.
  • Developing procedures to facilitate liaison with the military and other government agencies for mutual assistance.
  • Conducting Field Command Post Exercises and Field Command Post Cadre Schools.
  • Developing methods for the collection and evaluation of tactical intelligence information related to the control of unusual occurrences.
  • Evaluating tactical equipment to be used in the control of unusual occurrences.
  • Preparing plans for policing non-emergency special events when anticipated policing requirements exceed the capability of the concerned geographic bureau.
  • Assisting other Department units when it is beyond their capability to plan for the policing of special events.
  • Providing operational planning, guidance, and command post staff for major special events.
  • Processing special event permits, required by City Administrative Code.
  • Maintaining and providing expertise to the City’s EOCU and the Police DOC.
  • Providing regularly assigned personnel to staff the DOC when it is activated as a temporary entity during an Unusual Occurrence.

Training police DOC personnel

  • Responding to incidents involving real or potential explosive devices and render safe and/or remove suspected destructive devices, improvised explosive devices, incendiary devices, explosives, explosive chemicals, pyrotechnics, military ordnance, and complete necessary reports.
  • Responding to incidents involving real or potential criminal use of hazardous materials and render safe and/or remove suspected hazardous materials devices, and complete necessary reports.
  • Providing and conducting canine explosive searches forthe City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles International Airport and the Metropolitan Transit Authority.
  • Developing, implementing, updating and supporting Response Information Folders.
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