Crime Impact Team

Metropolitan Division’s Crime Impact Team is one of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Tactical Surveillance Teams. The Crime Impact Team (CIT) is made up of one surveillance Sergeant II, one uniformed Sergeant II, one surveillance Police Officer 3+1, eleven surveillance Police Officer III’s, and four uniformed Police Officer III’s. All CIT Officers are drawn from Metropolitan Division’s Tactical Response Teams, better known as Line Platoon Members (Metropolitan Division B and C Platoons) and are selected for their investigative, tactical and surveillance expertise.

One of the functions of CIT is to assist various detective entities with locating and arresting wanted felony suspects. The CIT will adopt cases if the wanted suspects meet the following criteria:

· Violent crimes
· Crimes involving firearms
· Crime series
· High-profile crimes

Crime Impact Team Officers provide additional investigative assistance by authoring ping and social medial search warrants in pursuit of the targeted suspects, along with booking and completing necessary arrest reports as dictated by the incident and in coordination with the investigating officers. Additionally, CIT affords investigative entities the benefits of locating wanted suspects via surveillance operations, followed by the service of search warrants if necessary.

The Crime Impact Team has also partnered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in a federal task force. Several members of the CIT have been sworn-in as ATF Task Force Officers and the remaining members are in the background process to become Taskforce Officers.

The Crime Impact Teams capabilities are vast and include the capacity to conduct the following operations:

· Static and rolling surveillance
· Controlled narcotics and gun purchases
· Search warrant service
· Tracker installation
· Identification of suspect’s residence for future arrest/search warrants
· Apprehensions outside the City limits
· Undercover operations

Purchase of stolen property
Casita identification and enforcement
Covert DNA collection
Purchase of firearms and narcotics

· Adopting gun related arrests from divisional detectives for Federal Filing
· Any investigative mission to assist divisional detectives or specialized detectives.