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Mounted Unit

The full-time Mounted Platoon was established in 1987 as a component of the elite Metropolitan Division and is currently composed of 35 full-time sworn police personnel consisting of 1 Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants and 30 Police Officers. City funds were allocated for the purchase of 40 horses to be used by the officers during the performance of their field duties. Also purchased through funds donated by the Ahmanson Foundation were a fleet of 8 trucks and trailers to transport the officers and their mounts to the various details, and a state-of-the-art police equestrian center appropriately named “The Ahmanson Equestrian Facility.”  The two-acre Ahmanson Equestrian Facility consists of:

  • A forty-horse barn
  • Administrative offices
  • Locker rooms
  • Workout facility
  • Covered riding arena
  • Hot walker, round pen, and necessary training equipment

A staff of Equine Keepers provide for the general care and grooming of the horses as well as the maintenance of the facility.  Equestrian training of the Mounted Platoon personnel is conducted by a police officer under the direction of the Platoon Officer-In-Charge. The trainer is responsible for providing equestrian training in the areas of advanced equitation skills, equine police tactics and any other matters concerning the Platoon.  Each officer is required to complete a 200-hour equestrian training program prior to being assigned to any field duty. The comprehensive course covers basic and advanced equitation skills, tactics, equine physiology, and psychology and all of the equestrian duties a mounted officer could be assigned. General duties of the Mounted Platoon – Mounted officers are deployed throughout the City and at various hours.

  • Demonstrations – The Mounted Platoon is used regularly at the scene of demonstrations and unruly assemblies. Over the years, squad tactics have been developed to work in concert with officers on foot, enabling the Los Angeles Police Department to control large groups of protesters in a firm yet professional manner.
  • Crowd Management – The Mounted Platoon is deployed frequently in crowd management situations where large groups have gathered for festivals and parades. The appearance of the Mounted Platoon at these functions provides visible security and a sense of assurance.
  • Special Events – Mounted officers offer an increased level of visibility to both the criminal element and to the community at large.  Additional Mounted Platoon duties include public park enforcement, public beach enforcement during the summer months, and search and rescue of lost or missing persons in mountainous and dense terrain areas of the City of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Equestrian Fund

The Mounted Platoon currently has 32 horses with an authorized strength of 40. The acquisition of these horses is through the support of the Los Angeles Police Equestrian Fund and donations of horses to the platoon. The Equestrian Fund [PDF] is an integral part of the overall success of the Mounted Platoon. The Mounted Platoon is dependent upon the Fund for the purchase of horses and specialized training for the Mounted Platoon personnel. Public donations to the Equestrian Fund are critical to the Platoon’s ability to protect and serve the various communities of the City of Los Angeles. Your tax deductible donations are utilized wisely and are especially effective for the acquisition, training, and maintenance of the Department’s horses. The men and women of the Mounted platoon thank you for your support.

To Contribute:
Please make all checks payable to:
Los Angeles Mounted Police Foundation
3934 Rigali Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

For more information call 213-485-5909.