Security Services Division


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Security Services Division (SECSD) to ensure the safety and security of Los Angeles City facilities, elected officials, employees and the public. As a dedicated team of both sworn and civilian personnel, we provide law enforcement, security and surveillance technology to detect and deter criminal activity. Our mandate is to do so with professionalism, honor and integrity.


On July 1, 2012, the Office of Public Safety (OPS) merged with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Security Services Division (SECSD) was created under the command of the Assistant to the Director, Office of Special Operations.

SECSD is responsible for the safety and security of City buildings, facilities, parks, shops, yards and warehouses, the Los Angeles Civic Center, the Los Angeles Zoo, Public Works Bureau of Sanitation Water Treatment Facilities, City Libraries, City Parks and all non-proprietary City facilities, their employees and visitors.

SECSD consists of three major components: the police officer component; the security officer component; and, the contract security officer component. The police officer component is responsible for all law enforcement-related activities surrounding specific City facilities. The second component is comprised of unarmed security officers who are City employees. These full-time and “as needed” (part and half time) unarmed civilian security officers staff fixed post positions at various City facilities and rely on the police component to respond to any issues deemed law enforcement-related. The third component, contract security, is comprised of private security guards. The responsibility for administering contract security for City facilities rests with SECSD.

SECSD has Senior Lead and Municipal Lead Officers assigned to coordinate operations to suppress crimes, incidents and occurrences at our facilities. Below is the contact information for our facilities. Click on the links below to obtain information.