Other Miscellaneous Questions

If you have failed to pay your false alarm fees after several notifications, the City will forward the past due billing to a collection agency. Contact the LAPD Alarm Section (Phone Number: 213-996-1200, FAX Number: 213-486-5270), to ensure that your fees are paid timely and in full.

Complaints may be filed with the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs or call 800-952-5210 to have a complaint form mailed to you.

You may also file a civil claim against your alarm company by contacting the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Small Claims Advisor at 213-974-9759

Monies collected from permit and false alarm fees are deposited to the City’s general fund. The general fund finances the operation of parks, zoos, libraries, animal shelters, police and fire services, among other services.

No. The Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) does not require them to do so. These notifications serve only as a courtesy.

No. Your alarm system is connected to your alarm monitoring company who in turn calls the LAPD when your alarm system is activated.

You were provided with the special service by the LAPD, in response to your alarm company’s request for police response. If you did not authorize the dispatch, contact your alarm company and request that they reimburse you for their mistake.

The alarm system always goes off for a reason. Find out what sensor activated and what caused it to activate. Take steps to ensure that it does not happen again. Call your alarm company for assistance.

No.. This is considered user error. Those who have legal access to your location must know how to operate your alarm system.

The City of Los Angeles does not regulate alarm companies. It is the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, that has control over the performance of alarm companies, alarm agents, and private patrol companies relating to the installation, repair and monitoring of burglar alarm systems.

Request the Department of Water and Power (DWP) to verify the power outage or call 1-800-DIAL DWP (1-800-342-5397). Upon receipt of the DWP verification, mail the bill and the verification to the Board of Police Commissioners, Alarm Section, 100 West First Street, Suite 134, Los Angeles, CA 90012 or email (lapdalarmsection@lapd.online)

Call the telephone number showing on your telephone bill to request written verification of telephone line failure. Upon receipt of the verification, mail the bill and the verification to the Board of Police Commissioners, Alarm Section,100 West First Street, Suite 134, Los Angeles, CA 90012 or email (lapdalarmsection@lapd.online)

No.. Under the Los Angeles Police Commission Rules Governing Alarm Systems, wind must be in excess of 70 mph to warrant a waiver or removal of the false alarm service charges.

Responses to false alarms are a special service rendered by the LAPD. It is a service not used by the general population.

Contact the LAPD, Alarm Section, at 213-996-1200. Provide the Alarm Section staff with the exact address of the alarm location, the business name or residence owner, alarm company name, and telephone number.

Contact the local police station to file an investigative report. Mail the Investigative Report (IR) to the Board of Police Commissioners, Alarm Section, 100 West First Street, Room 134, Los Angeles, CA 90012 or email (lapdalarmsection@lapd.online)

LAPD officers responded to the alarm activation because your alarm company dispatched the LAPD. Contact your alarm company for clarification.

The false alarm fee is based on the actual cost incurred by the City to have LAPD officers respond to the alarm call. The costs include equipment, salary, and other administrative costs incurred by the City.

After two false alarms within a 365-day period your location will be put on a “broadcast and file” status. This means that LAPD would require verification of an unauthorized entry or attempted unauthorized entry upon the premises, building, or structure protected by the burglar alarm system. Please refer to the Burglar Alarm Dispatch Policy for the acceptable methods of verification.

If verification is requested and it is unavailable, the LAPD will broadcast the alarm call for any available unit to respond. If there is an available police unit, you will receive police service. If there is no available police unit, the alarm call will be filed with no police response.

No. Verification is not required for a robbery alarm call. A robbery alarm call includes duress, panic, hold-up, and robbery-in-progress alarms.

Due to the nature and urgency of a robbery alarm call, it is mandatory for the LAPD to respond to this type of call. It is extremely important that the panic alarm button is activated only when necessary.

No. A waiver of the false alarm fee(s) cannot be granted during the seven-day soak period. LAMC Section 103.206(I)(8) states: No alarm company shall within seven days following a new alarm system installation, cause a request for service to be placed with the LAPD prior to verification. It is suggested that you recover the cost of police response from your alarm company.