Permit FAQs

Yes. You are required by law to obtain an alarm permit. See below for the cost.

The cost for an alarm permit is $43 and are renewable yearly. The cost to renew your alarm permit is $26 each year.

You can register your alarm system with the Office of Finance. They also provide online payments or you can visit them at one of their branch locations.

Operating an alarm system without a valid permit is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or a year in county jail or both. Violators that are ordered to appear in court may be required to pay additional fines and penalty assessments as a result of the criminal case being filed in the County of Los Angeles Superior Court.

Yes. Under the revised Alarm Ordinance, a late penalty of $15 will be imposed for renewing your alarm permit from January 1 to March 31st. Alarm permits renewed after March 31st will be assessed a late penalty of $30, in addition to the renewal fee.

Yes. Alarm permits are free of charge for the following only:

* Alarm systems at premises owned and operated by municipal, county, state, federal authorities or agencies, or as embassy or consular office or residence.

* Alarm systems at residential premises that are not monitored by an alarm company or any monitoring device.

* Provide your new alarm company with your alarm permit number;
* Submit an updated call list to the new alarm company;
* Confirm in writing any special arrangements with the new alarm company;
* Clarify the new alarm company’s verification procedures.
* Obtain the new alarm company’s 24-hour monitoring center to ensure that you could check the status of your alarm system at anytime.

Contact the Office of Finance ( to report a change in legal name and/or address. Please note that a legal name and/or address change requires a $43 fee. There is no fee to report a change in phone number or mailing address.

The alarm call will be handled in the same manner whether you are permitted or un-permitted. Please see the Burglar Alarm Dispatch Policy for more details. However, false alarms at un-permitted locations will be subject to a $100 penalty after the first occurrence, and escalate in $100 increments thereafter.

Send a written cancellation request to the Office of Finance, Alarm Unit, P.O. Box 53235, Los Angeles, CA 90053 or (