Permit Requirements for CES Police Permits

Café Entertainment Police Permits
Los Angeles Police Commission Board Requirements

Step 1: Contact the Permit Processing Section (PPS) via the following:
•Phone: (213) 996-1210

Step 2: Receive an application packet from Permit Processing Section.

Step 3: Submit the completed package either by email: or in-person (By Appointment Only) to Permit Processing Section.

Step 4: Once Permit Processing Section reviews the application for accuracy and completeness, then the applicant will be directed to the Office of Finance to pay for the permit.

Step 5: Application will then be assigned to an Investigator who may issue a temporary after completing inspections pending a final disposition by the Police Permit Review Panel.

Step 6: If the permit is approved by the Police Permit Review Panel then a grant letter will be mailed which is valid for 90 days or until the permit is received.

Permits must be surrendered to the Los Angeles Police Commission if the business is dissolved or closed. Permits are non-transferrable.