Permit Requirements for Pool Room/Pool Room Single

Pool Room P363/ Pool Room Single P362
Los Angeles Police Commission Police Permit Requirements

Reference: L.A.M.C. 103.112 / board rules: none

Pool room is any location having more than one pool table.
Pool room single is any location having only one pool table.

 legal owners of the business must apply.

  1. Corporations: at least three corporate officers
  2. Partnerships: all general partners (not limited or silent partners)
  3. Sole proprietorship: legal owner of business (not a manager or other employee)

Documentation Required:

  1. Corporations: articles of incorporation and minutes from annual general meeting stating election of officers. Statement of domestic stock.
  2. Partnerships: notarized legal partnership agreement (state form, all partners’ signatures).
  3. Purchase agreement (of business) i.e. Escrow documents or mortgages.
  4. Deed or lease to the location.
  5. Zoning approval (zoning slip) from department of building and safety.
  6. Copy of current liquor license (ABC license), if applicable.

Conditional Use:

Certain locations may require conditional use approval from department of planning prior to the issuance of a police permit.

Posting: Location must be posted for 21 days.

Publishing: Notice of application must be published in a local newspaper two times, 5 days apart, within the 21 day protest period.

Note: Only locations having five(5) pool tables or more need to be posted.

Exceptions: Minors (under 18 years of age) may enter a location that has a pool room single permit, but may not play. Minors (under 18 years of age) may not enter a location that has a pool room permit for two or more tables, except when the pool area is separated from the main business. In that case, minors are allowed only in the area without the pool tables.

Property will be inspected by commission staff upon receipt of application.