Permit Requirements for Private Patrol Service and Street Patrol Officer

Permit Requirements for Private Patrol Service and Street Patrol Officer
Contact Commission Investigation Division for information and an appointment at (213) 996-1230.

Reference: L.A.M.C. Sect. 52.34


(a) Definitions.

For the purpose of this article, certain terms used herein are defined as follows:

(1) Private Patrol Service. The term “private patrol service” shall mean any “private patrol operator” as defined in the California Business and Professions Code which furnishes or purports to furnish to members, subscribers, or customers any street patrol officer for the purpose of affording additional security and protection of person and property or to perform any other service directly related to the “private protection of life and property.”

(2) Street Patrol Officer. The term “street patrol officer” shall mean any person who performs for a private patrol service the duties of a uniformed guard or uniformed patrol officer or any of the duties described in subdivision (a)(1) by street patrol service utilizing foot patrol, motor patrol, or other means of transportation in public areas, City streets, or public thoroughfares. This definition shall not apply to uniformed guards or uniformed caretakers employed by an entity other than a private patrol service, such as by industrial plants, department stores, community associations, or private clubs wherein said function does not require patrolling from one location to another by use of a City street, nor shall it apply to persons employed by such an entity solely in connection with the commercial, public, or professional business of such an entity.

(b) Private Patrol Services.

(1) Permit. It shall be unlawful to engage in the business of maintaining or operating any private patrol service in the City of Los Angeles without first obtaining a license as required by the State of California and a permit from the City.

(c) Street Patrol Officers.

(1) Registration. It shall be unlawful for any person to perform the duties of a street patrol officer in the City of Los Angeles without first obtaining a Guard Registration card as required by the State of California and registering with the City. Upon the registration being accepted by the City, the Board of Police Commissioners may issue a permit which shall be subject to all of the provisions of Chapter 10 of this Code, including all the rights, regulations, and due process procedures contained therein. The Board of Police Commissioners shall retain street patrol officer permits in its files.

Private Patrol Service P-664
Owners or Corporate Officers need to apply in person. Contact Commission Investigation Division for specific requirements and an appointment to register. Permit Processors may not be available, therefore, persons without an appointment may not be assisted.

Street Patrol Officer P-683
Street Patrol Officers shall be employed by a registered Private Patrol Service. The employer shall contact Commission Investigation Division for an appointment for their Street Patrol Officer.

Applicant must include the following when submitting the original application to Commission Investigation Division:

1. Valid California driver’s license

2. Valid guard card

3. Valid firearm permit (if using firearm)

4. Valid baton permit (if using baton)

5. A signed letter of employment by the registered employer

6. Any other applicable permits

Note: A background check is made to determine truthfulness of applicant as to criminal history or detect any adverse information. A person on probation, parole, or bearing an invalid driver’s license will not be issued a registration card. The application in itself does not guarantee issuance of Police Commission Registration card.

The board of police commissioners may revoke the registration if applicant is convicted of criminal activity subsequent to granting of permit.