Alarm Companies

Responsibilities of Alarm Companies

The recently revised Alarm Ordinance establishes additional requirements and amends existing provisions that may affect alarm companies with clients in the City of Los Angeles. Please be aware that failure to abide by the City’s Alarm Ordinance will constitute a misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or a year in County jail or both.

Permit Requirement

LAMC 103.206.1: requires alarm companies to ensure, prior to installing an alarm system, that a valid permit exists or, if not, to obtain one on the customer’s behalf.

Requesting Dispatch

LAMC 103.206 (k) (2): All Alarm System notifications to the Department shall begin with the Alarm System User’s name, complete address including unit or apartment number, Alarm System permit number and shall include the State Alarm Company Operator License Number.

Verification Requirement After Two False Alarms

LAMC 103.206 (l) (6): No person shall operate or use a Burglar Alarm System that causes a request for service to be placed with the Department or with a 9-1-1 emergency service number prior to Verification if the Burglar Alarm System has already experienced two (2) False Alarms within a 365-day period.

Verification is not required for a Robbery Alarm System activation or for activations that occur at premises, building or facilities controlled or monitored by federal, state or local agencies, or the location of a licensed firearms business.

Enhanced Call Verification

LAMC 103.206 (l) (7): No Alarm Company Operator shall cause a request for service to be placed with the Department until such time as it has made two (2) attempts to verify the need for service by telephonic means.

7-Day Soak Period

LAMC 103.206 (l) (8): No Alarm Company Operator shall, within seven (7) days following a new Alarm System installation, cause a request for service to be placed with the Department prior to Verification.