Hotels and Short-Term Rentals Section

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Effective July 1, 2024, Ordinance 188072, Los Angeles Municipal Code, Chapter X, Section 12, Division 10, now requires Hotels and Short-Term Rentals to obtain a Police Commission permit.

Hotels and Motels

Hotels are defined as, establishments that provide temporary lodging for payment in the form of overnight accommodations in guest rooms to transient patrons for periods of thirty consecutive calendar days or less. “Hotel” includes hotels, motor lodges, motels, apartment hotels, transient-occupancy residential structures, private residential clubs, tourist courts, and hostels that contain both dormitory-style accommodations and private guest rooms that may be reserved, meeting the definition set forth above. Except as provided above, the term “Hotel” also does not include corporate housing, rooming houses, boarding houses, single-room occupancy housing, any housing available only to students of an education institution, a residential hotel as defined in Section 50519 of the California Health and Safety Code, Short-Term Rentals as defined in Section 12.22.A.32 of this Code, or licensed bed and breakfast establishments within a single unit residence.

Short Term Rentals (STRs)

STRs are defined as, a dwelling Unit, Guest Room, Accessory Living Quarters, other residential structure, or portion thereof, rented in whole or in part, to any Person(s) for transient use of 30 consecutive days or less. Rental Units within City-approved Hotels, motels, Transient Occupancy Residential Structures and Bed and Breakfasts shall not be considered a Short-Term Rental.