How to Complete the Notice of Intention to Solicit Form

1. Complete the name of the organization as identified by the Internal Revenue Service. Be sure the organization uses the same name each time they file. Complete the Charitable Trust number box. A slight variation is sometimes confusing and it makes it difficult to find your file. If a name change is made, a letter stating the change is required.

2. Complete address of the organization.

3. Complete name and address of person in charge of appeal. If address of chairperson is the same as the organization’s state “same as above”.

a. Type of activity. A separate Notice of Intention [PDF] must be filed for each activity unless being held in conjunction with one another on the same date and at the same place, e.g., dinner/dance and sale of program book. A permit for a general appeal (solicitation for funds or merchandise) covers only that and will not cover any special/individual events. The type of individual activity/special event should be detailed here, e.g., dinner, dance, free drawing, bike-a-thon, bake sale, sale of program book, sales of ads, general appeal, etc.

b. Identify the type of donation that will be solicited e.g in kind, cash, check and clothing.

c. If Notice of Intention [PDF] is filed for a specific event, both the date and place of activity, including address, must be shown here.

d. Information Card may be issued for a period of one (1) year – no longer- when a general appeal is applied for. If the group wants to begin immediately “when issued” should be entered on the starting date line. No matter when the group would like to start they must file at least 15 days prior to the beginning date.

e. The actual date the event will be held or the start date of appeal.

f. The anticipated gross goal should be entered here before deducting expenses. It is very important that a local goal is included.

4. Be sure to state the purpose of the soliciting and what the funds will be used for.

5. If the solicitation is being conducted on behalf of another organization, a letter of authorization must be submitted from that group.

6. All anticipated means of soliciting/advertising must be checked, even if you are not sure of the methods you will employ. If “paid solicitors” is checked, be sure #8 (salaries/commissions) is also completed.

7 a – d Enter all costs for admissions, selling prices, tickets, invitation, etc. to the public. Indicate whether it is per person or per couple.

8. If using a commercial fundraiser include the name and applicable information.

9. Enter all expenses to be incurred by the organization in conducting the solicitation/activity. If there are no expenses, enter “none”. If the expenses are donated, enter “services donated.”