Form Information


At least 15 business days before the start of a fund-raising campaign or special event, a Notice of Intention [PDF] must be completed and submitted with all supplemental documents as specified, to Charitable Services Section (CSS) of Commission Investigation Division. A Notice of Intention application must be submitted for each fundraising campaign and/ or special event. After successful review of the documents and investigations, All documents are reviewed and investigations are complete, an Information Card is issued. The Information Card is not an endorsement but contains important facts to be considered by a prospective donor in determining the desirability of making a contribution. No solicitation shall be started until the Information Card has been issued. The Information card will be sent to the “Person in Charge” of the Appeal unless otherwise notified.


A Report of Results of Activity [PDF] showing receipts, expenditures, and distribution of net proceeds must be filed with CSS within 30 days of the conclusion of the fund-raising campaign or within 30 days after the special event.


A paid solicitor must apply for and obtain a Solicitor’s License [PDF] from CSS and each application must be submitted with the applicant’s photograph and fingerprints, via Live Scan or a fingerprint card for each applicant. Be advised, Live Scans and fingerprints are not administered by CSS and a processing fee will be required.


An individual other than a bona-fide paid employee of a charitable organization, who receives compensation or consideration to raise funds for a charitable purpose, is required to apply for and obtain a Commercial Fundraiser’s License [PDF] from this office.


An eligible organization must apply for and obtain a bingo license to conduct bingo in the City of Los Angeles. The application must be filed 60 days prior to the commencement of the bingo event and the annual fee is $50. Regular Bingo Application [PDF].

Senior Citizen organizations playing bingo for recreational purposes may be granted bingo licenses for periods up to three years. Senior Bingo Application [PDF].

A bingo supplier must apply for and obtain a license before conducting bingo related sales in the City of Los Angeles and the annual fee is $100. Supplier Application [PDF]


Regular and Senior Citizen Bingo events will require an Income and Expense Statement which must be completed and submitted by the 15th of EVERY month. Upon approval of license, CSS will advise the organization of the subsequent steps.

For additional question or information, please contact our office at (213) 996-1260.