Official Police Garage/Valet Section

100 West First Street, Room 147
Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-996-1270 (OPG)
213-996-1244 (Valet)
213-996-1239 (Fax)

The OPG Section is responsible for the regulation of towing, storage and all charges levied by the OPG. The OPG Section also investigates any complaints concerning the care and disposition of every vehicle which comes into the possession of an OPG, as well as conduct complaint investigations into non-permitted tow companies, commonly referred to as Bandit Tow or Predatory Tow. The OPG Section does not investigate tow complaints that originate from tows on freeways, outside city limits or verified AAA dispatched tows.100 West First Street, Room 14

There are 17 designated OPGs throughout the City of Los Angeles. These garages are responsible for all requests for tow service from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) as well as the Department of Transportation (DOT) among other governmental agencies.

Inquiries regarding the procurement of a Police Commission Permit to operate a towing business located within the City of Los Angeles should be directed to any Los Angeles City Clerk’s office locations, or telephone 213-996-1270. Click here for additional information pertaining to tow unit operator police permits. can be accessed regarding inquiries of vehicles towed by LAPD and DOT.

The Valet Section is responsible for the enforcement and discipline of Valet Parking Operator and Valet Parking Attendant permit holders.