Permit Processing Section

100 West First Street, Room 147
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Main: (213) 996-1210
Fax: (213) 996-1239


The Permit Processing Section (PPS) of CID is responsible for receiving, processing,
investigating, and approval or denial of applications for businesses requiring a Board of
Police Commissioners (Board) permit throughout the City of Los Angeles. The Board
issues over 60 various permits for businesses requiring regulation; such as massage
therapists and establishments, café entertainment establishments, tow unit operations
and operators, valet operations and operators, carnivals, dance halls, pool rooms, auto
parks, etc.

Permit applications undergo an extensive investigation to determine the applicant’s
eligibility, qualification and background. Prior to approval or denial of an application,
both the applicant and business are thoroughly vetted to ensure all requirements are
met and backgrounds are clear of adverse history as it relates to the permit. The
granting of a Police Permit allows LAPD or a representative of the Police Commission to
inspect the business premises and records to guarantee applicants are in compliance
with the regulations as defined in Chapter X of the Municipal Code and the Police
Commission Board Rules.

For additional information regarding Police Commission permits, CID Permit Processing
procedures or operations, please feel free to contact us on our main line or via email.

The Permits Processing Section does not handle Alarm or Special Events permits or any related questions. For Alarm permit information, call the Police Commission Alarm Section at (213) 996-1200. For Special Event permits, call the Office of Operations, Special Events Unit, at (213) 486-0640 or they can be emailed at