Private Patrol Service

100 West 1st Street, Room 147
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Main: (213) 996-1250

Private Patrol Service is defined as a State licensed security company that provides patrol within the public right-of-way. Patrols may be conducted on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle, or other device used within the public right-of-way. Each owner or corporate officer must submit an application with the required documents. There is no fee associated with this registration. Please be advised a security company that provides security within private property only, is not considered a Private Patrol Service.


A registration form shall be filed with the Board of Police Commissioners on forms supplied by the City. The registration form shall be signed and verified by the registrant and shall state the name, address, and organization of the private security service, its method of operation, the territory or location it proposes to serve, the names, addresses of its officers, members, associates and employees and a description of the procedures for investigating citizen complaints against its street patrol officers.

State License

The registration form for a permit shall be accompanied by a photostatic or certified copy of the private patrol service’s State of California (Private Patrol Operator) License evidencing compliance with State laws relating to the business of Private Patrol.


Upon request, a private patrol service shall furnish to the Board of Police Commissioners evidence of the following insurance: workers’ compensation, general liability insurance, automobile insurance in the amounts required by State law.

Other Documents

Applicants shall submit pictures of their uniforms, badges, patches, and other insignia to verify compliance with State and Local law prohibiting them from having an appearance similar to law enforcement agencies within the City.

For additional information regarding Private Patrol Service and Street Patrol Officer, feel free to contact us on our main line.