Entertainment Trademark Unit

Since its inception in January 2006, the Entertainment Trademark Unit (ETU), which is part of the Public Information Office, has embarked on a number of important tasks. The ETU, which is composed of both sworn and civilian employees, has three primary goals:

To protect LAPD trademarked material (often referred to as “intellectual property”) used in the media or on commercial products by maintaining proper licensing agreements. This material includes the Department’s badge, acronym (LAPD), uniform, and motto (“To Protect and to Serve”);

To work with the entertainment industry in evaluating Department-related material in scripts for films, television, and related ventures, as well as production coordination for such projects.

With the Internet as an ever-increasing source of information and images, as well as consumer goods and services, it is more important than ever for the Department to maintain proper surveillance and control of its intellectual properties.

Questions or reports of possible violations, including inquiries about how to properly license and use LAPD trademarked material are welcome and may be submitted directly to the ETU by calling 213-486-7063.

LAPDonline.org® is a registered trademark of the City of Los Angeles.

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