How can I get a police clearance letter for foreign travel / adoption purposes?

Los Angeles Police Department: Records & Identification Division issues “letters of good conduct” to assist current residents of the City of Los Angeles with foreign travel requirements. These letters are acceptable only to foreign governments and only for travel purposes.

Requests for clearance letters must be mailed to:

R&I Division – CSRRU
Police Administration Building
100 West 1st Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90012

To obtain a “letter of good conduct,” you must mail in the following:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (COPY of U.S. passport or birth certificate, if born in the United States) or U.S. Residency Card (green card);
  • Driver’s License or California ID card indicating an address in the City of Los Angeles. (A recent utility bill with your name and current City of Los Angeles address may be used if the address on your driver’s license is outside of the City); and,
  • Check, money order or exact currency (no change is made) for $24.00.

Please contact the R&I Division – CSRRU at (213) 486-8320 if you have any questions regarding these procedures.