Systems Classifications and their Job Descriptions

Senior Systems Analysts II are Officers-in-Charge of major sections. The ITD sections include: Administration, Enterprise Systems, Network Support, Technology Projects, and Technology Security. Major section functions are listed below.

Programmer IV designs and implements applications.

Senior Systems Analysts I are unit supervisors within a section. They usually supervise and are responsible for major systems, developments, or services.

Systems Analysts II perform the basic systems work: programming, troubleshooting, meeting with users, provide the needed support functions, etc. They sometimes supervise.

Systems Analyst I (SAI) usually have less specialized skills or experience that the SAIIs, but generally perform the same functions.

Systems Aides are entry-level positions and learn the basic work of Systems Analysts on-the-job.


Job Titles at ITD

▪ Director of Systems
▪ Clerk Typist
▪ Communications Electrician
▪ Delivery Driver
▪ Management Analyst I
▪ Management Analyst II
▪ Principal Clerk Police I
▪ Programmer Analyst IV
▪ Secretary
▪ Senior Clerk Typist
▪ Senior Management Analyst I
▪ Senior Management Analyst II
▪ Senior Systems Analyst I
▪ Senior Systems Analyst II
▪ Systems Aide
▪ Systems Analyst I
▪ Systems Analyst II