Pursuit Review Unit

The PRU is responsible for reviewing all Vehicle Pursuit Reports (VPR) generated on a Department wide basis. This centralized review process ensures consistency in the manner and method in which pursuits are reviewed, thereby facilitating effective management oversight. A database consisting of all VPRs generated within the Department is maintained. VPRs are presented to the Commanding Officer,Special Operations Bureau, for final approval and classification.

The PRU, shall maintain a system to track and report pursuit-related issues. That system shall include, at a minimum:

• Maintaining a copy of all Vehicle Pursuit Reports;
• Sending all original CHP Form 187A, to the California Highway Patrol;
• Producing a quarterly report on vehicle pursuit statistics for Department wide distribution; and,
• Filing and maintaining all Communications Division’s vehicle pursuit printouts.

Additionally, the PRU shall have coordinating responsibilities for developing and implementing new technological and strategic tools to augment the Department’s management control of pursuits, to include:

• Technological interventions, such as tire deflation devices, etc.;
• Recommended legislative changes that would levy mandated felony charges, vehicle impounds and forfeitures, and driver’s license suspensions against pursuit suspects; and,
• Public education efforts that emphasize the legal and social consequences resulting from involvement in pursuits.

Lastly, the PRU is responsible for generating Department wide notices and orders that are designed to either clarify issues or implement/expand the Department’s pursuit policy. This often involves interagency and intradepartmental collaboration.

To contact the PRU staff, please use the following email address PURSUITREVIEW@lapd.online or call (213) 486-0700.