The purpose of this notice is to remind personnel of the Department Use of Force (UOF) policy as it relates to lasers. The reasonableness of an officer’s use of deadly force includes consideration of the officer’s tactical conduct and decisions leading up to the use of deadly force. The use of a laser itself shall not presumptively constitute a threat that justifies an officer’s use of deadly force. An officer that is having a laser utilized against them should adjust their vision away from the laser. Should your vision be disrupted one should communicate, re-deploy and seek medical attention if necessary.

The Department’s guiding principle when using force shall be reverence for human life. It is the policy of this Department that officers shall use deadly force upon another person only when the officer reasonably believes, based on the totality of circumstances, that such force is necessary for either of the following reasons:

• To defend against an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to the officer or to
another person; or
• To apprehend a fleeing person for any felony that threatened or resulted in death or
serious bodily injury, if the officer reasonably believes that the person will cause death or
serious bodily injury to another unless immediately apprehended.

Should personnel be deployed in an environment where laser devices may be used, personnel should wear appropriate protective gear upon deployment. If confronted with a laser, personnel shall utilize concepts found in Use of Force-Tactics Directive, No. 16, Tactical De-escalation.

In a Mobile Field Force configuration when a laser is deployed, officers should consider redeployment, suspect identification, and utilization of less lethal options and/or an arrest circle, when applicable and appropriate.

As the safety of every employee and availability of proper equipment is a priority, the Department is providing laser protective eyewear for Department personnel. As of today, distribution of the protective eyewear has started and will continue for the next several weeks.

Should you have any questions regarding this Notice, please contact Training Group at (213) 486-4639.


MARTIN A. BAEZA, Deputy Chief
Commanding Officer
Personnel and Training Bureau

DOMINIC H. CHOI, Deputy Chief
Chief of Staff
Office of the Chief of Police