VINE - Domestic Violence Program

What is VINE?

VINE is an automated computer program offered for domestic violence crime victims in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. The purpose of the VINE program is to provide victims of crime continuous access concerning an inmate’s custody status. By calling the VINE number, a victim can determine the custody status of the offender and register to be notified of the release or transfer of the specific inmate.

How does a victim register to be notified?

Victims may register themselves for notification using a touch-tone telephone. After dialing the VINE number, follow the instructions given by the system. You will be asked to give a telephone number and a four-digit PIN number. If you do not have a telephone you may use the telephone number of a relative of friend. Do not use a telephone number that reaches a switchboard.

How will VINE notify a victim?

The VINE system monitors inmate activity in the Los Angeles County Jail System. When an inmate is transferred or released, VINE will automatically react to contact the properly registered victims. Do not be startled if you receive a call from VINE in the middle of the night. VINE will begin calling as soon as new information regarding an inmate is received.


V. I .N. E.

A service provided for citizens of Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Police Department

  1. Call 1-877-VINE-4LA (1-877-846-3452)
  2. Follow the directions to enter the inmate’s name or booking number using the keypad on your telephone.
  3. You will receive immediate information regarding the inmate’s status.
  4. To register for notification select option 1 after the inmate’s status is provided. You will be asked to provide a telephone number and a 4-digit PIN code that will become your ID for stopping future calls.

The four-digit PIN, or personal identification number, is used by VINE to verify that a successful notification has been made. When a victim receives a call regarding important inmate information, the VINE system will ask for the victim to enter their four-digit PIN number into the touch-tone telephone keypad.

Do NOT lose your PIN number. Entering the correct PIN number is the only way to stop VINE notification calls.

NOTE: A victim should NOT depend on the VINE system for his/her safety. If threatened, take precautions as if the inmate were already released.

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