What should I do if I get in a traffic collision?

  1. If anybody is hurt, or any driver is intoxicated call 911.
  2. Immediately take a cellphone picture of the other driver and the rear-end of their vehicle (license plate/make/model)… just in case they decide to run away from the accident.  If the other party does decide to run off, DO NOT go after them. What if the other party is armed or you get into another accident chasing them? Your vehicle can be replaced, you cannot.
  3. If it is safe to do so and the vehicles are able to move, pull off to the side of the roadway so as to not block traffic.
  4. If there are no injuries, but a hit and run occurred, or any driver is unlicensed, call 1-877-ASK-LAPD to report the accident.
  5. If there are no injuries and all parties have a driver’s license, then exchange information. Use your cellphone to take a picture of the driver’s license, registration, and insurance information. Try to get the other driver’s telephone number so that the insurance company can contact them (this is not legally required but convenient). No report will be completed by the LAPD for this type of collision.
  6. The LAPD does NOT recommend you use any tow trucks that ‘conveniently’ arrive at your accident. Most are ‘Bandit’ tow trucks that operate illegally and will try to scam you by taking them to their repair shops. If you own a Honda, call AAA Tow or any other company you trust and take your vehicle to a Honda dealer.
  7. If you have struck a stationary object or parked vehicle, provide your information with the owner of the property/vehicle. You can leave your information on a piece of paper on the windshield of the vehicle struck or in the mail box for the property you damaged. No report will be completed by the LAPD for this type of collision.
  8. If you need to make/obtain a traffic collision report, then go to this link – How can I make/obtain a traffic collision report?