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77th Street C-PAB Meeting Minutes

77th Street Area
Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB)

August 14, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:15 PM by Gwendolyn Wood.

Deputy Chief Green commented on Captain Arcos’ promotion to Commander and a brief introduction to our new Captain Palka.

He gave a briefing on the officer-involved shooting in the new division on 65th Street.  The case is under investigation and they are looking for witnesses.  He stated that 77th Division had 31 homicides year-to-date.

Commander Arcos was presented a Domestic Violence Advocate Training Certificate by Mrs. Walker. Mrs. Wood congratulated him on the promotion and presented him with C-PAB gift.  Commander Arcos thanked everyone for their help while he was Captain.

Captain Palka is a 28-year LAPD Officer.  This is his first assignment in South Bureau.  He is committed to serving the community and the officers in the 77 Street Area.

A few crime stats:  Property crime is down 1%; there was one homicide today at Western Avenue and 64 Street, the victim was a young male in his early 20’s.

Senior Lead Officer Report
  • A45    Officer Martinez provided information on the Harbor Recreation center shooting victim and the
  •             homicide that happened earlier today
  • A 49    Street robbery is an issue
  • A 53    Street robbery has spiked around the area of 78th Street and Normandie Avenue
  • A31     Burglary issues in the area of 54th Street and 4th Avenue
  • A 15    Street robbery of jewelry and cell phone issues
  • A3       Car theft and cell phone theft issues/w home burglaries down
  • A 69    American car thefts is an issue
Mrs. Wood introduced our Neighborhood Prosecutor Bethelwel Wilson.  Mr. Wilson provided details on his assignment to 77th station and some of the issues that he is presently working on.  He looks forward to working on the quality-of-life issues that are brought up by the community in our meeting.  His contact number is 213-978-2226 and, at present, his office is located in downtown LA.

The Quick Mart Corporate Office Representative Lord Barrington briefed the board on the new Quick Mart that will be opening up in our area.  One will open up on Florence Avenue at Van Ness and there will be one on Crenshaw Boulevard, South of Vernon Avenue.  Gerard Quiroga and Michael Habicht will be operating the Quit Mart on Florence Avenue.  We welcome them to the community and hope that they will become active with our C-PAB.

Mrs. Walker provided an update on the DART program and a new schedule for the Domestic Violence Advocacy training in September.  She reminded the board that October 10, 2014, at City Hall, one of our DART officers would be receiving an award for his work with the Domestic Abuse Response Team.

**Announcements:  The Park Mesa Heights Neighborhood Council will be hosting a unity Fest on
                                     August 31, 2014 at the Van Ness Recreation Center.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.


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Sandy Avalos, Outstanding Community Member
Sandy Avalos
Outstanding Community Member