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News Release

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Media Relations

May Day News

The Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department, Department of Transportation, General Services Police, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, government officials, civil leaders, event organizers, and other law enforcement agencies have been working diligently in preparation for this large-scale public event. The Department and its partners are committed to maintaining order while also protecting lives, property and First Amendment rights.

It is the intent of the LAPD to :


• Apply low profile “crowd management” strategies
• Facilitate gathering, rally and expression of First Amendment protected activities regarding lawful celebration of
International Worker’s Day, May 1, 2008
• Encourage community cooperation through directed communications
• Coordinate media activities
• Integrate “event organizers” into overall crowd management strategies
• Isolate and arrest persons engaged in unlawful activity


• Area of Operation defined – Central Incident Complex
• Ensure seamless coordination of public safety and traffic management entities
• Ensure well defined/synchronized command
• Establish economy of force while maintaining continuity of Department operations
• Ensure media coordination

The selection of several news media viewing/staging areas have been made which have taken into consideration the needs of the media, public and officer safety, police tactics, and the language of the Crespo decision. For this event, the designated media viewing areas are co-located with the media staging areas.

The Incident Plan identifies three separate groups, with approved permits, to hold independent rallies in the Rampart Area and Central Area. At specific times, the three groups will begin their respective marches toward the Downtown Area merging into one large group along the route.

Central Area

Organizers for the International Worker’s Day March, Latino Movement USA and March 25th Coalition, are expected to begin to assemble at approximately 10:00 am at Olympic Boulevard and Broadway and begin their march at 3:00 pm walking toward the rally point of First Street and Broadway.

The route of travel for the participants as they leave the assembly area will be as follows:

• North on Broadway
• Merge with “We are America Coalition” march group at 5th Street and Broadway
• North on Broadway to First Street

• The Media Viewing/Staging Area for this coalition’s “assembly area” is designated for the Southeast Corner of Olympic Blvd and Broadway. LAPD Lieutenant Lee Sands, and Officers assigned to LAPD Media Relations Section will be on hand to facilitate media coverage and assist the on-scene Incident Commander. The MRS officers will be wearing vests that identify them as LAPD PIO’s. A Spanish speaking PIO will be available.

Central Area

Organizers for American Apparel, “Legalize LA” are scheduled to begin assembling at 7th Street between Alameda and Central at 12:30 pm. Participants will begin marching at 1:30 pm.

The route of travel for the participants as they leave the assembly area will be as follows:

• Westbound on 7th Street
• Northbound on Central Avenue
• Westbound on 5th Street
• Merge with “We are America Coalition” march group at 5th Street and Broadway
• North on Broadway to First Street

• The Media Viewing/Staging Area for this coalition’s “assembly area” is designated for the south curb lane of 7th street between Alameda and Central Avenue.

A Spanish speaking LAPD PIO will be on hand to facilitate media coverage. The Officer will be easily identified by a vest marked LAPD PIO.

Rampart Area

A second group, “We Are America Coalition/MIWON” will assemble at 7th Street and Parkview Avenue at 11:00 am and hold a pre-march rally at the intersection. Organizers of the event estimate participants may take up the entire intersection with crowd spillover onto Parkview Avenue from 7th street north.

The group is expected to begin their march at approximately 2:00 pm and converge with the March 25th Coalition and Legalize LA at Fifth Street and Broadway before continuing to the rally point (First Street and Broadway).

The route of travel for the participants as they leave the assembly area will be as follows:

• 7th Street and Parkview
• East on 7th Street
• North on Figueroa Street
• East on 5th Street to Broadway. (Note: CHP will close the 6th Street offramp @ 110 freeway)
• At 5th Street and Broadway the group will merge with the two march groups listed above from their original rally point. Once all the groups have merged, they will continue the march North on Broadway to First Street

• The Media Viewing/Staging Area for the We Are America Coalition/MIWON pre-march “assembly and rally” is designated on Parkview Avenue between Wilshire Blvd and 6th Street. Members of the media will be allowed to park northward from Wilshire Blvd to 6th Street.

LAPD Lieutenant Ruben De La Torre, Officer in Charge, Media Relations Section, will be on hand beginning at 4:30 am to begin staging media vehicles and accommodate early morning news reports. Other MRS officers will arrive at 10:00 am to help facilitate the Department’s Media Plan and assist the on-scene Incident Commander. Once the march begins, Lieutenant De La Torre will follow the group to the convergence point and then proceed over to First Street and Broadway. Lt. De La Torre and all other PIO’s will be easily identified by vests they will be wearing that designate them as LAPD PIO’s. Spanish speaking PIO’s will be available.

Central Area

At the convergence point, 5th Street and Broadway, participants estimated by organizers to approach 100,000, will march onto First Street and Broadway where a pre-built stage with acoustics will await their arrival. Street closures for this area are expected to begin at approximately 11:00 am and be in effect until 10:00 pm.

• The Media Viewing/Staging Area for the “rally” has been designated on Broadway north of First Street behind the stage. Please note that parking will not be allowed along the West side of Broadway north of 1st Street as this curb/lane is designated as the emergency lane by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

At Broadway and First Street, LAPD Lieutenant Ruben De La Torre, and MRS personnel will be at the location to facilitate this portion of the media Plan.

Unlawful Assembly

In order to protect lives and property, an assembly may be declared unlawful. As stated in the Crespo decision:

“In such circumstances, pursuant to California Penal Code Sections 407 and 409, an assembly may be declared unlawful, and all persons present, including members of the news media, may be lawfully ordered to disperse.”

As was discussed with News Media Managers and members of the Los Angeles News Media committee, the LAPD recognizes the news media’s reporting obligation, and will accommodate reporters and photographers coverage by allowing them to pass through skirmish lines one time. For officer safety reasons, reporters and photographers will not be allowed to pass through the lines multiple times as was explained and demonstrated for those members of the media who participated in the Department’s Mobile Field Force training.

Should the event be declared an unlawful assembly, the LAPD will immediately notify the media by issuing a Department News Advisory using City News Service and MRS regular e-mail delivery service. The Department will make every effort to issue this News Advisory prior to the issuance of a dispersal order. In the event this scenario were to occur, Media Organizations should ensure that this vital information is disseminated to media field crews as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Any questions regarding this News Advisory should be directed to Lieutenant Ruben De La Torre, MRS, at 213-485-3565, or cell 213-924-2862.



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