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Central C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Central Area
Community-Police Advisory Board
Los Angeles Corps – Minutes

April 18, 2013

C-PAB Members and Guests Present: 
Brady Metcalfe, Castelar Javier, Frank Barron, Brittney Garza, Tyrone Pratt, Maurice Ochoa, Ivan Villegas, Fred yadegar, Gregg Budgell, Miguel Varges, Aazim Muhammad, Karl Scott, Scot Ezzell.

LAPD Personnel Present:
Captain Michael Oreb, Sergeant Melody Hainline, Senior Lead Officers (SLO) Victor Aguilar, Karen Owens and Officer Jimenez.

Opening Remarks:
Co-Chair Brady Metcalfe called the meeting to order at 9:15 am. The April 18, 2013 minutes were put forth for a motion for acceptance and were approved. 

Constitutional and Biased Policing:
Captain Oreb discussed Constitutional and Biased Policing policy and procedures as mandated by the Chief of Police.

Captain Oreb:
Captain Oreb discussed crime reduction strategies to further reduce crime. Central Area has met their part one crime goal. Central Area also has half the amount of burglary from motor vehicles, in comparison from last year. Property theft crimes however, have been a consistent issue for Central Area. Central division has a high influx of tourist that come to see the City of “Los Angeles”. The problem that poses is that many tourists leave their belongings visible in their vehicles or their personal property unattended hence, purses, cell phones and bicycles.

Crime reduction strategies that Captain Oreb talked about was having officers educate the Citizens of “Los Angeles, and Tourist”. On how to “Lock it, hide it and keep it”. Also having all Officers pass out crime prevention flyers, that explains how to properly safeguard their property from thefts. 

SLO Karen Owens (SLO35) provided the update for 1A35.  Thefts continue to be the primary crime problem in A35’s area, however this year compared to last year theft are down by 12%.  SLO Owens and her foot-beat units are conducting high visibility patrol in his area and making numerous arrests.

SLO Victor Aguilar (SLO61) provided the update for 1A61.  Crime is down this year in comparison to last year.  The Entertainment Area has a high volume of events that in turn bring numerous people from all over the world.  Between Senior Leads, the BID officers, the entertainment detail and other specialized units (such as the Bike Officers, Gang Enforcement, Vice and Metro units) they are maintaining high visibility in the area.

C-PAB Updates

The meeting was adjourned at 1030 a.m.  The next C-PAB meeting will be held on Thursday, May 16, 2013.  These minutes were prepared by Police Officer II Ashley Jimenez, Serial No 39706.


HORACE E. FRANK, Captain            HAINLINE MELODY, Sergeant
Commanding Officer                                                     Community Relations Office
Central Area                        Central Area


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Carol E. Schatz, Outstanding Community Member
Carol E. Schatz
Outstanding Community Member