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Community Traffic Safety Unit (CTSU) acts as liaison to the community to address traffic concerns. Members of the unit investigate all traffic complaints referred by community members or council member offices. Typical complaints include speeding on a certain area of roadway or people not stopping for a stop sign.

There is one officer assigned to each division within Central Bureau to investigate the traffic complaints. They attend various community and Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) meetings and address traffic concerns raised in those meetings.

Another function of the unit is to act as a liaison to all the public and private schools within Central Bureau. The two dedicated assigned officers meet with the school principals and staff to assist them with traffic problems that occur around the schools, usually at the start and end of the school day. These two officers educate the public regarding traffic regulations through programs aimed at exposing specific problems. They give presentations on such topics as pedestrian and bicycle safety at grammar schools, Sober Graduation at high schools, alcohol awareness at colleges, pedestrian safety at senior citizens centers and other traffic safety programs to various groups.

The unit also has one officer dedicated to deploying computer-controlled radar trailers on a daily basis to areas pointed out by the community as having a speeding problem.

The mission of CTSU is to reduce the primary causes of traffic collisions through engineering, education, and enforcement, by addressing the concerns of the community. If you have a concern, telephone 213-972-1864, and the officers of the unit will be glad to assist you.


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