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Devonshire C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Devonshire Area
Community Police Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes

R. Caplette

CPAB attendees
Larry Stearn * John Manning * Dennis Dishaw * John Morris * Tom Williams * Nishan Darakdjian * Ira Kaplan * Erik Ingerbrigisen * Carol Jensen * Mike Dobry * Chris Greene * Bud Mauro * Jim Dellinger * Louis Stepter * Lorraine New * Mike Panman * Rod DeSmith * Paula Smith * Chief Jorge Villegas * Commander John Peters * Cpt. Kris Pitcher * Cpt. Robert Marino * Lt. Tim Torsney * Sgt. Ruthann Scott * Ofc. Ryan Caplette * Councilman Mitchell Englander
Beverly Adler * Josh Jordahl * Carlos Sandoval * Sylvie Wilmot * Feiman Ayelet * Gary Fordyce * Frejeanne Scott * Greg Baker * Jerry Volkenant * Donna Smith * Helen Davis * Dave Brown * Laura Kelly * Erica De Smith * Howard Jensen * Tony Pasano * Shirley Ellis               
Meeting called to order at 1735 hours.

Prior meeting minutes were approved and seconded.

A motion was made to table the current CPAB business in lieu of the presentation that had been scheduled. The motion was seconded.

CPAB Presentation:
Larry Stearn, CPAB co-chair, set up a special (surprise) meeting that was prior to the regular scheduled meeting time at a special location. This was in regards to Capt. Pitcher for his recent promotion to Commander. The group issued him a plaque with the names from all CPAB members. Deputy Chief Villegas, Commander Peters, Councilman Englander and several other dignitaries attended the function.

Larry spoke of Capt. Pitchers contributions to the department and all his achievements.
Capt. Pitcher addressed the group and thanked several individuals and their contributions to the City and the Department.

Constitutional policing:
Due to the special nature of the meeting, constitutional policing was not addressed.

New business:
Volunteer Application forms were distributed to update the CPAB roster, and determine who is applicable for CPAB ID cards.

Meeting was unofficially adjourned at 1910 hours.


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Michael Dobry, Outstanding Community Member
Michael Dobry
Outstanding Community Member