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Devonshire C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Devonshire Area
March 18, 2015


Chairman Larry Stern called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM

Introductions of attendees – Sgt. Torres introduced the Senior Lead Officers

Capt. Beverly Lewis was introduced as new patrol captain for Devonshire – She provided all with her impressive background with the department.  The focus will be on letting the officers know they are respected and appreciated.

Larry reviewed the changes in command staff:  Chief Villegas was promoted to Assistant Chief and (with Commander Peters) moved to headquarters.  Deputy Chief Robert Greene and Commander Pitcher are now command of Valley Bureau.

New Station Commander, Capt. Robert Marino discussed issues facing the division. 

A new ID card was handed out to those who completed the volunteer application form.  Other members will now have to go downtown to have a Live Scan completed since it no longer can be done at Van Nuys Jail.  Capt. Marino suggested a field trip to accomplish this along with a tour of the facilities at headquarters.  Mr. Bud Mauro will chair this event.

The division has faced a rash of burglaries and car break-ins.  The other area of concern is aggravated assaults.  Capt. Marino pointed out these are usually with people known to the victim.

Devonshire will receive a new lieutenant and will be assigned as the morning Watch Commander.

He announced the new civilian Volunteers on Patrol (VOP) program.  The volunteers will ride in marked vehicles with yellow warning lights.

The department is using Predictive Policing.  This recently led to an arrest of an individual that was under surveillance by the Air Unit.

Devonshire does not have much violent crimes.

Larry discussed the upcoming CPAB San Fernando Valley Summit.  A discussion of ideas coming from other CPABs followed.  Capt. Marino wants to see a more active group with events to help/show appreciation to officers.  Larry asked the group to send him ideas for committees and possible chair persons.  A more formal list of officers of the group was suggested.

Dennis Dishaw gave a presentation on Devonshire Business Watch.  “Beta” testers are in place and an introduction to the command staff is planned.  Discussion followed.

Larry discussed a plan to have the “Big Box” store provide a handout to increase awareness of typical ways to avoid crime.  He asked the members to volunteer for this committee.

Jim Dillinger introduced an event to honor a WWII & Korean War veteran at the Chatsworth VFW.  He told of two nurses who had adopted this 90 year old man who was essentially forgotten and lost from his family.  The event will be on March 28th at 2 pm.

There was a discussion regarding the lack of awareness of CPAB within the station.  A CPAB event at the station might help with this.  Thoughts included a car wash, better coffee, officer appreciation day, turkey dinner on a holiday, etc.

Larry closed the meeting at 8:30 pm

Respectfully submitted:   Dennis Dishaw, CPAB


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