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Cory Palka, Captain III

Cory Palka

Captain III
Hollywood Division

email Captain Cory Palka is an
accomplished thirty-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police
Department. In March of 2016, Captain Palka humbly and auspiciously
returned to Hollywood Area as the commanding officer for his fourth
successful tour in Hollywood since 1988.

In June of 2013, Cory Palka was promoted to the rank of police
captain and assigned to 77th Street Area, an assignment perfectly
suited for a man with a passion and talent for cultivating strong
relationships within both the community and the department. Captain
Palka's relationship-based policing style, combined with his solid
rapport with community groups and government leaders, has created
an environment where community members and business owners feel
safe to naturally thrive to their fullest potentials. He brings to
the table energy, engagement and experience.

Captain Palka's roots in Los Angeles began in 1966, when he and his
family settled into the Mar Vista Gardens Housing Project located
in Pacific Area. Captain Palka fondly recalls that decade in his
youth as the "framing years" of his life. He attributes his
father's positive and profound influence as the incentive to engage
in community service, volunteerism, civic responsibility, selfless
sacrifice and hard work.

A student athlete, Captain Palka graduated from Venice High School
in 1981 and attended West Los Angeles Community College followed by
California State University, Sacramento where he received a
Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. With promising life
experience and education supporting him, Captain Palka began his
career as a Los Angeles Police Officer in July 1986. In a
fortuitous twist of fate, Captain Palka returned to the Mar Vista
Gardens community as a determined foot-beat officer in the early
1990's and was resolved to making a difference in the very same
community where he lived during his formative years. He quickly
gained community praise for his work, and with the resulting
optimism and conviction of a young police officer, Captain Palka
decided to further his education, earning a fellowship grant to the
University of Southern California (USC) as part of a City of Los
Angeles-USC Fellowship Program. In May of 1992, he received his
Master's Degree in Public Administration from USC.

Captain Palka eventually promoted to sergeant in the LAPD and was
recognized as supervisor of the year in West Valley Area. Later,
after promoting to the rank of lieutenant, he was recognized again
as supervisor of the year in Rampart Area where he worked both as a
watch commander and as the Officer in Charge of the Rampart Area
Gang Impact Team. He has held assignments in a wide range of field
operations and has worked at police stations in the LAPD's West,
Central, and Valley Bureaus spanning three decades. In 2011,
Captain Palka participated in LAPD's response to the Occupy Los
Angeles movement at City Hall while assigned to Central Area. He
also spent three years at Internal Affairs Group as an investigator
in the Workplace Investigations Unit and was a major-case
investigator. Prior to achieving the rank of captain, Palka spent
18 months as an Adjutant to the Commanding Officer,
Operations-Valley Bureau (OVB). Palka largely credits that
experience for accelerating and refining his leadership skill-set
which is dependent on strong internal and external relationships.
Through his various assignments all over the City, and his
requisite relationship-based policing style, Captain Palka has
helped facilitate organizational development, economic improvement,
enhanced quality of life, and reduction of crime in all the areas
and communities he has worked.

Adding to his formal institutional and organizational education,
Captain Cory Palka has attended several prestigious schools in
police leadership; the most notable being the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) National Academy (Class No. 246). In the Summer
of 2015, Captain Palka attended the Senior Management Institute of
Police (SMIP) in Boson, Massachusetts and studied at Boston
University. Captain Palka is also a graduate of USC's Delinquency
Control Institute (94th Class), and LAPD's West Point Leadership
Development Program. He has also been an adjunct instructor at
College of Canyons in Valencia, and has taught in LAPD's DARE
Program. At 77th Street Captain Palka partnered with Dave Anderson,
Chief Executive Officer of Learn to Lead to deliver leadership
development throughout the command.

Captain Palka's participation in professional organizations
includes membership in the FBI National Academy Associates, the
International Association of Chief of Police, the Latin American
Law Enforcement Association and the LAPD's Command Officers
Association. He can be reached at


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